Calgary 3D Animation and Visualization

Electric Media has been working with 3D animation and 3D visualization for over 20 years. From conceptual product stills to full 3D animations, we will bring your ideas to life!

// ABOUT US //

A little shop with BIG ideas. And we are pretty sure that once you get to know us, you will find out just how big those ideas can be.

Founded 1999 in Calgary, we have maintained a tradition of providing innovative media products that engage the senses. A keen eye for design with common sense solutions, we are a design firm with the resources, skills and moxie to tackle your project head-on.

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While our main area of expertise focuses on 3D product visualization & animation, our creative capabilities expand beyond that and include:

  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing Services
  • Audio & Video Production / Engineering

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